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[Roll Call Vote] <br />RESOLUTION NO. 1995-20 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF SOUTHERN <br />CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY AUTHORIZING (I) THE <br />EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF AMENDMENT NUMBER 1 TO <br />INVESTMENT AGREEMENT AMENDING THE INVESTMENT AGREEMENT <br />RELATING TO THE AUTHORITY'S MULTIPLE PROJECT REVENUE <br />BONDS WITH RESPECT TO THE PERMITTED USES OF MONEYS <br />WITHDRAWN FROM THE INVESTMENT AGREEMENT, (11) THE <br />PURCHASE OF PERMITTED INVESTMENT SECURITIES AND (111) THE <br />OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY TO DO ALL OTHER THINGS DEEMED <br />NECESSARY OR PROPER <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />~alifornia Public Power Authority (the wAuthorityll) as follows: <br />1. Each of the president and Vice President and each of <br />the Secretary and any ~ssistant Secretary of the Authority are <br />hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver an Amendment <br />Number 1 to Investment Agreement (the 'mAmendment"), dated as of <br />September 1, 1995, by and among PNC Bank, N.A. (the successor to <br />Pittsburgh National Bank), the Authority and Bank of ~merica <br />National Trust and Savings Association, as trustee (the lmTrusteell) , <br />to the Investment Agreement, dated as of January 4, 1990, by and <br />among the Authority, Pittsburgh National Bank and the Trustee (the <br />vvAgreementmv), and each of the Secretary and any Assistant Secretary <br />of the Authority is hereby authorized and directed to affix the <br />seal of the Authority thereto. The Amendment shall be in <br />substantially the form attached hereto, with such changes thereto <br />as shall be approved by said President or Vice President upon <br />consultation with the Authority's Bond Counsel (such approval and <br />consultation to be conclusively evidenced by his execution and <br />delivery thereof). <br />2. The Authority's Chief Financial Officer and the <br />Authority's Director of Finance, after consulting with each of the <br />Chairman of the Finance committee, the Executive Director, the <br />Authority's Financial Advisor and the Authority's Bond Counsel, are <br />hereby authorized and directed to cause to be invested in permitted <br />Investment Securities (as defined in the Bond Indenture, dated as <br />of August 1, 1989, between the Authority and the Trustee), moneys <br />withdrawn from the Agreement pursuant to Section 3 thereof for <br />purposes of purchasing such Investment Securities. The Investment <br />Securities shall mature not later than July 1, 2020 and shall be <br />held to the credit of the Multiple Project Fund under the Bond <br />Indenture.