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(Roll Call Vot ) P <br />,I <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2000-33 J / <br />RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA <br />AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) APPROVING <br />THE AGREEMENT TO ACCEPT RESIGNATION OF <br />TO DESIGNATE NEW <br />(PAL0 VERDE) <br />WHEREAS, Arizona Public Service has been <br />serving as Operating Agent for the Palo Verde <br />(PVNGS); and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Commission <br />Electric Competition Rules and a APS is <br />required to establish a separate <br />that affiliate no later than <br />WHEREAS, APS ed Pinnacle West Energy Corporation <br />(PWEC) as their generation transfer their interest in PVNGS to <br />PWEC; and <br />WHEREAS, ill transfer all the PVNGS employees to PWEC; <br />and <br />is desirable that the same employees continue to <br />EAS, APS wishes to resign as Operating Agent and PWEC <br />wishes to Agent. <br />E IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />c Power Authority as follows: <br />1 The form, terms and provisions of the Agreement to Accept <br />Operating Agent and to Designate New Operating Agent, in the <br />at this meeting, be and the same are hereby approved and <br />President or Vice President and the Secretary or Assistant <br />e Authority are hereby authorized and directed to execute, <br />st and seal said Agreement with such changes, insertions and <br />all be approved by said President or Vice President (such <br />approval to be evidenced by his execution and delivery thereof).