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RESOLUTION NO. 2004-34 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE <br />SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY (SCPPA) <br />AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TO ENTER INTO <br />LEASING, SUBLEASING AND SUB-SUBLEASING ARRANGEMENTS <br />FOR OFFICE SPACE IN SACRAMENTO <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA is seeking new office space for its legislative activities; and <br />WHEREAS, combining tenants with common interests to SCPPA will provide for more <br />suitable space at a lower cost; and <br />WHEREAS, interest in sharing space has been expressed by Braun & Blaising, P.C,, and <br />Duncan Weinbcrg Genzer & Pembroke, P.C.; and <br />WHEREAS, suitable space acceptable to all parties has been identified. <br />NOW THEREFORE, the SCPPA Board of Directors does resolve as follows: <br />The Executive Director is authorized to enter into and execute all necessary leasing, <br />subleasing and sub-subleasing arrangements and to enter into and execute such other agreements <br />or instruments as are deemed appropriate and effectively carry forth the SCPPA Advocacy <br />Program in Sacramento. This authorization includes, but is not limited to, the leasing, subleasing <br />and sub-subleasing of office space in the building at 915 L Street or at any other location which, <br />in the Executive Director's discretion, is deemed appropriate for SCPPA's Legislative Advocacy <br />Program. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approved and adopted by the Board of <br />Directors this 18" day of November, 2004. <br />~SIDENT <br />Southern California Public <br />Power Authority <br />ATTEST: <br />Southern ~alifornTa Public <br />Power Authority