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RESOLUTION NO. 2004-27 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE <br />SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY <br />DISSOLVING THE RESOURCE PLANNING COMMITTEE. <br />WHEREAS, the Resource Planning Committee considers and discusses information <br />which is strategic in nature; and <br />WHEREAS, the Resource Planning Committee is often asked by developers to hold <br />price, market information, and other trade secret protected information confidential; and <br />WHEREAS, only one SCPPA Board member currently serves as a member of the <br />Resource Planning Committee, which does not constitute a quorum of the Board; and <br />WHEREAS, as a standing committee or SCPPA, the Resourcc Planning Committee is <br />subject to the Brown Act; and thercfore, if required to consider confidential information provided <br />by developers it could imperil the tradc secret protection character of this information; and <br />WHEREAS, thc subject matter area addressed by the Resource Planning Committee <br />could be handled by a periodic report by thc Executive Director. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of the Southern California Public Power <br />Authority does hcreby resolve, determine and ordcr: <br />1. The Resource Planning Committee is hereby dissolved. <br />2. This Resolution shall become effectivc immediately. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approved and adopted by thc Authority this 15th <br />day of July, 2004. <br />PRESIDENT <br />Southern California Public <br />Power Authority <br />ATTEST: <br />Southern California public <br />Power Authority