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(Roll Call Vote) <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2007-1 9 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA <br />PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY <br />REGARDING APPROVAL AND ALLOCATION OF GENERAL EXPENSES <br />WHEREAS, by Resolution No. 1982-30, adopted October 6, 1982, <br />the Southern California Public Power Authority (Authority) provided for allocatior~ <br />of General Expenses of the Authority; and <br />WHEREAS, said Resolution was rescinded and replaced by <br />Resolution No. 1993-13, adopted May 20, 1993; and <br />WHEREAS, the Authority rescinded and replaced Resolution No <br />1993-1 3 by Resolution No. 1995-6, adopted May 18, 1995; and <br />WHEREAS, said Resolution No. 1995-6 provided that the General <br />Expenses of the Authority be allocated to the funded prajects in the same ratio as <br />the sum of the estimated direct charges of Authority staff, Los Angeles, and other <br />agents to a funded project bears to the sum of the estimated direct charges of <br />Authority staff, Los Angeles, and other agents for all funded projects; and <br />WHEREAS, Resolution No. 2006-1 9, adopted May 18, 2006, <br />provided that as of July 1, 2006, General Expenses of the Authority be allocated <br />33 percent to the Palo Verde Project, 17 percent to the Southern Transmission <br />Project, 7 percent to the Hoover Uprating Project, 6 percent to the Mead-Phoenix <br />Project, G percent to the Mead-Adelanto Project, 11 percent to the San Juan Unit <br />3 Project, 10 percent to the Magnolia Power Project, 8 percent to the Natural Gas <br />Project, and 2 percent to the Orrnat Project; and <br />WHEREAS, commencing July I, 2007, the estimate far direct <br />charges far funded projects will be revised. <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the Authority Administrative and General <br />Expense budget far Fiscal Year 2007-2008 is hereby approved.