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RESOLUTION NO. 2007-1 3 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC <br />POWER AUTHORITY (I) APPROVING THE APPLIANCE <br />RECYCLING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN SCPPA AND THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES <br />ACTING BY AND THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF <br />WATER AND POWER (2) AUTHORIZING THE <br />EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF THE APPLIANCE <br />RECYCLING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT, <br />(3) AUTHORIZING CERTAIN RELATED ACTIONS; AND <br />(4) AUTHORIZING THE OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY <br />TO DO ALL OTHER THINGS DEEMED NECESSARY OR <br />ADVISABLE. <br />WHEREAS, The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) <br />was created pursuant to provisions contained in the Joint Exercise of Powers Act found <br />in Chapter 5 of Division 7 of Title 1 of the California Government Code, (referred to <br />herein as "the Act"), by its members, including the City of Los Angeles acting by and <br />through its Department of Water and Power (LADWP), for the purpose of collectively <br />undertaking the planning, contracting for, development, improvement, betterment, <br />operation, and implementation of member generation saving projects, including the <br />development and implementation of systems and frameworks to assist its members in <br />the efficient management and more effective utilization of the members' existing <br />generation capacity and generation resources. <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA has carried forth these goals, in part, through <br />programs for SCPPA members which seek to promote more effective utilization of <br />generation capacity through the management of member customer loads. These <br />programs have promoted systems, methodologies and projects which seek to achieve <br />greater energy efficiency among SCPPA members, thereby reducing demands and <br />requirements which might otherwise be place upon Authority member generation <br />systems and which might otherwise substantially increase the need for added <br />generation resources. <br />WHEREAS, to further these generation demand reduction goals SCPPA <br />has implemented an appliance recycling program and has contracted with the Appliance <br />Recycling Centers of America-California, Inc. ("ARCA) to provide services by which to <br />retire older high energy consuming refrigerators owned by SCPPA member utility <br />customers and replace these refrigerators with modern high efficiency units. This <br />program has been utilized by participating member utilities, including the cities of <br />Anaheim, Burbank. Colton, Glendale, Pasadena and Riverside. LADWP has indicated <br />a desire to participate in this program to gain access to this SCPPA program and to <br />utilize these services which have been procured by SCPPA. <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA has carried forth the Appliance Recycling Program <br />through the negotiation of the SCPPA-ARCA Agreements which provide, among other