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[Project Vote] <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2009-80 <br />RESOLUTION RELATING TO THE WINDY POINT/WINDY <br />FLATS PROJECT: (I) AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION AND <br />DELIVERY OF (A) A POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT AND <br />RELATED DOCUMENTS; (B) TWO SEPARATE POWER SALES <br />AGREEMENTS; (C) A CONTRACT FOR SALE AND PURCHASE <br />OF WINDY POINT/WINDY FLATS ENERGY; AND (D) AN <br />AGENCY AGREEMENT; (II) AUTHORIZING CERTAIN <br />RELATED ACTIONS; AND (Il1) AUTHORIZING THE OFFICERS <br />OF THE AUTHORITY TO DO ALL OTHER THINGS DEEMED <br />NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE <br />WHEREAS, the Southern California Public Power Authority (the "Authority") and <br />certain of its members have investigated the acquisition and development of certain wind <br />generation resources and facilities as part of the Authority's Renewable Electric Energy <br />Resource Project created by the Board of Directors pursuant to Resolution No. 2006-13, <br />adopted by the Board of Directors on March 17, 2006, in order to provide a long-term <br />supply of renewable energy to such members for the purpose of satisfying the needs of <br />such members and their governing bodies to meet desired specified renewable energy <br />resource goals; and <br />WHEREAS, in furtherance of the goals of the Renewable Electric Energy Resource <br />Project, pursuant to Resolution No. 2009-64, adopted by the Board of Directors on <br />May 21, 2009, the Board of Directors authorized the Executive Director of the Authority <br />to, among other things, negotiate the terms and conditions of a proposed Power Purchase <br />Agreement with Windy Flats Partners, LLC and all other agreements necessary to provide <br />for the procurement of renewable energy by way of a prepayment for certain guaranteed <br />generation and the purchase of such other energy and facility output (including <br />environmental attributes) produced by, and certain options or obligations on the part of the <br />Authority to purchase or acquire, a wind generation project and its related properties, <br />permits, leases, facilities, rights, entitlements, structures, and administrative and operating <br />agreements and the attendant rights, entitlements and assets associated therewith, including <br />interconnection and transmission related rights and entitlements, referred to as the "Windy <br />Point/Windy Flats Project" and located in the State of Washington; and <br />WHEREAS, the form of the Power Purchase Agreement has been negotiated and <br />there is now presented to this meeting proposed forms of the Power Purchase Agreement <br />and various other project agreements relating to the Windy Point/Windy Flats Project that <br />facility output of which is to be acquired by the Authority pursuant to such Power Purchase <br />Agreement for the benefit of certain of the Authority's members (namely the City of Los <br />Angeles acting by and through the Department of Water and Power ("LADWP") and the <br />City of Glendale); and <br />