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RESOLUTION NO. 2009-39 <br />RESOLUTION RELATING TO THE TIETON HYDROPOWER <br />PROJECT: (1) APPROVING THE NEGOTIATION, EXECUTION AND <br />DELIVERY OF THE PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE <br />CITY OF BURBANK, THE CITY OF GLENDALE, THE CITY OF LOS <br />ACTING BY AND THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF WATERAND <br />POWER, AND THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER <br />AUTHORITY (II) APPROVING THE NEGOTIATION, EXECUTION <br />AND DELIVERY OF THE POWER SALES AGREEMENTS BETWEEN <br />THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY AND <br />THE CITY OF GLENDALE AND THE DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND <br />POWER OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES (HI) DELEGATING TO THE <br />EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR THE AUTHORITY TO CARRY FORTH THE <br />FINAL NEGOTIATION OF THE TERMS OF THE PARTICIPATION <br />AGREEMENT AND THE POWER SALES AGREEMENTS AND TO <br />APPROVE THE FINAL FORM THEREOF AND TO EXECTUTE AND <br />DELIVER THE SAME; (IV) ISSUING CERTAIN FINDINGS RELATING <br />TO APPROVAL OF THE ADDITION THE CITY OF GLENDALE AND <br />THE DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER OF THE CITY OF LOS <br />ANGELES AS PROJECT PARTICIPANTS IN THE TIETON <br />HYDROPOWER PROJECT (V) DELEGATING TO THE EXECUTIVE <br />DIRECTOR THE AUTHORITY TO ISSUE SUCH FURTHER FINDINGS <br />ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AS MAY BE <br />APPROPRIATE, PURSUANT TO THE POWER SALES AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN SCPPA AND BURBANK TO CARRY FORTH THE <br />ADDITION OF THE CITY OF GLENDALE AND THE DEPARTMENT <br />OF WATER AND POWER OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES AS <br />PROJECT PARTICIPANTS IN THE TIETON HYDROPOWER <br />PROJECT; (VI) AUTHORIZING CERTAIN RELATED ACTIONS; AND <br />(VII) AUTHORIZING THE OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY TO DO <br />ALL OTHER THINGS DEEMED NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE. <br />WHEREAS, the Southern California Public Power Authority (the "Authority" or <br />"SCPPA") and certain of its members have investigated the acquisition and development of <br />certain renewable resources including hydroelectric resource facilities as part of the SCPPA <br />Renewable Electric Energy Resource Project created by the Board of Directors pursuant to <br />SCPPA Resolution Number 2006-13, to provide a long-term supply of renewable energy to such <br />members for the purpose of satisfying the needs of such members and their governing bodies to <br />meet desired specified renewable energy resource goals; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to these goals certain SCPPA members, consisting of the City of <br />Burbank (Burbank), the City of Glendale (Glendale) and the City of Los Angeles acting by and <br />through the Department of Water and Power (LADWP), have worked together in developing <br />and carrying into effect a power purchase agreement to acquire hydro electric energy from a <br />hydroelectric facility situated on or adjacent to the Tieton River in the State of Washington <br />