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WHEREAS, The Southern California Public Power Authority ("SCPPA" or <br />"the Authority") was created pursuant to the California Joint Exercise of Powers Act <br />(The Act), for the purpose of jointly and cooperatively undertaking the financing, <br />development, acquisition, construction, and operation of projects for the generation or <br />transmission of electric energy, including renewable energy and for the acquisition of <br />fuel; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the Act SCPPA possesses the power to own <br />interests in facilities for the purpose of promoting electric generation and transmission <br />and to finance these interests through the issuance of bonds or other forms of debt for <br />the benefit of those projects and participants served by those facilities. Under the Act <br />the Authority also has the power to plan, finance, develop, acquire, design, construct, <br />own and operate projects involving the generation and transmission of electric energy, <br />the acquisition of fuel and the development of renewable energy, and to cause such <br />projects to be planned, developed, financed, acquired, designed, constructed, operated, <br />maintained and repaired, and to provide by agreement for the performance and carrying <br />out of such activities, including agreements and instruments associated with taxable <br />and tax exempt financing of such matters; and <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA has need from time to time for Special Tax Counsel <br />services in connection with tax related legal matters involving SCPPA bonds, notes, <br />certificates of participation or other forms of debt and tax related legal matters involving <br />SCPPA projects or interests; and <br />WHEREAS, during 2011 SCPPA carried forth an extensive Request for <br />Proposals process which involved SCPPA staff, members of the SCPPA Finance <br />Committee and several attorney members from SCPPA participant City Attorney offices. <br />This process entailed an extensive review of written proposals and interviews of finalist <br />law firms possessing substantial capabilities and experience in bond, tax-exempt <br />financing and complex financial transactional work. The 2011 Request for Proposals <br />process was designed and carried forth for the purpose of achieving the best value for <br />SCPPA for these services. <br />WHEREAS, Nixon Peabody LLP was a firm which had previously carried <br />forth bond or tax counsel work for SCPPA in connection with certain previous SCPPA <br />projects, and possessed experience in the taxable and tax-exempt financing of projects <br />