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RESOLUTION NO 2011082 <br />WHEREAS the Executive Director and staff the Southern California Public <br />Power Authority the Authority have been engaged in xtensive research into a paperless <br />agenda process resulting in the selection of a potenti electronic inforination device loan <br />program fior SCPPA Board Members and <br />WHEREAS the Authority is <br />its members and <br />Ic for initiating value added services for <br />WHEREAS the Authority <br />SCPPA related inatters as it shall require <br />to create an environment of universal access to <br />WHEREAS the AuthoiY desires to develop an employee purchase proglarn <br />within the Information Resource Pro ill wherein the SCPPA stat be able to personally <br />purchase electronic information devices via monthly payroll deductions to be used for both <br />SCPPA and personal related use <br />NOW THERE YORE the Board of Directors of the Southern California PublicPowerAuthorityherebyfindVauthorizesordersdirectsandresolvesasfollows <br />1 Each of the resident Vice President Executive Director Secretary arid any <br />tAssistantS4eary an the staff of the Authority are authorized to prepare such <br />docurnell t7lr instrulnents and to do and cause to be done all acts and things as may <br />be neces ary or appropriate to engage an information resource provider in substantial <br />confor iance with the cost and administrative tine savings for professional services <br />Eac of the Preent Vice President Eective Director Secretary and anyZStantSecretarysidareauthorizedtoexecute <br />x <br />all <br />u <br />agreement for proflessional services <br />bAlween the Southern California Public Power Authority and an information resource <br />eprovkIer in substantially the form on file with the Authority <br />Each of the President Vice President Executive Director Secretary and any <br />Assistant Secretary of the Authority are hereby authorized to utilize tile services of all <br />inforniational resource provider where necessary or convenient to carry forth the <br />obligation requirements or duties of the Authority and in all instances where <br />consistent with the Scope of Services set forth in the agreement for professiomfl