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RESOLUTION NO 2011 081 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE SOUTHERN <br />CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY 1 APPROVING THE <br />APPOINTMENT OF THE AUTHORITYSFINANCIAL ADVISOR <br />2 AUTHORIZING PREPARATION EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF <br />ALL DOCUMENTS AND INSTRUMENTS NECESSARY OR <br />APPROPRIATE TO CARRY FORTH SUCH SELECTION <br />3 AUTHORIZING THE ENGAGEMENT OF THE PROFESSIONAL <br />SERVICES OF PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT TO A <br />CONTRACT TERM OF THREE YEARS WITH AN OPTION TO <br />EXTEND THE CONTRACT FOR UP TO AN ADDITIONAL THREE <br />YEARS FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES BETWEEN <br />SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY AND <br />PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND 4 AUTHORIZING THE <br />EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND STAFF TO DO ALL THINGS DEEMED <br />NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE TO CARRY FORTH THE PROPOSED <br />ENGAGEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br />WHEREAS the Executive Director and staff of the Southern California Public <br />Power Authority the Authority have been engaged in an extensive Request for Proposals <br />process resulting in the selection of a potential financial advisor for the Authority and <br />WHEREAS the Authority is responsible for i undertaking studies of projects <br />the Study Projects or ii the acquisition construction financing disposition use operation <br />and maintenance of projects the Projects and <br />WHEREAS the Authority desires to retain a firm to provide financial advisory <br />services with respect to financial matters related to the Study Projects the Projects and other <br />financial matters as it shall require and <br />WHEREAS the financial advisor employs a skilled and qualified professional <br />staff experienced in performing a variety of auditing and accounting functions and possesses the <br />resources and expertise necessary to render assistance as herein after provided and desire to do <br />so <br />NOW THEREFORE the Board of Directors of the Southern California Public <br />Power Authority hereby finds authorizes orders directs and resolves as follows <br />1 The appointment of Public Financial Management PFM to provide professional services <br />to Southern California Public Power Authority is hereby approved for a contract term of <br />three years with an option to extend the contract for up to an additional three years <br />2 Each of the President Vice President Executive Director Secretary and any Assistant <br />Secretary and the staff of the Authority are authorized to prepare such documents or <br />instruments and to do and cause to be done all acts and things as may be necessary or <br />appropriate to engage PFM in substantial conformance with the proposed engagement for