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WHEREAS the Southern California Public Po Authority SC or the <br />Authority owns interests in various generation and transmis on protects the output of which <br />has been sold to Members of the Authority Members and <br />WHEREAS certain SCPPA member utili es Participants are engaged in tile <br />a nabPow1OrPublic <br />d a s onmialltr <br />Membersr andns <br />InI i c s PareilbcrulI <br />tgenerationtransmissionanddistributionofelectrienergyto retail customers including <br />and <br />H <br />assisting such customers with the efficient use of sai energy and <br />lo I PPA aWEREASsinceitsinceptioni1980SCTPAas a Joint Powers Agency hasS <br />t3andgrownanddiversifieddramaticallyintermsthenumberandtypes of projects and programs <br />offered to its Members and <br />WHEREAS given th or changes that have taken place in SCTPA over the <br />last few years it would be prudent t iew the functional division of tasks within SCPPA and <br />how SCPPA Administrative anG Expenses are allocated among the members <br />Services and <br />WHEREAS e Authority is willing and able to i retain Bell Consulting to <br />provide Services and ii ill all expenses and costs of retaining Bell Consulting to the Authority <br />as an Administrative a General expense and <br />W REAS the Board of Directors of Authority in its Resolution No 199015 <br />established a re lving general fund the General Fund for the payment of costs and expenses <br />v <br />n <br />d <br />A <br />e <br />established <br />Administrativen <br />I <br />Services <br />d <br />iin t <br />r <br />e <br />rWWHEREASand <br />E <br />v <br />lv <br />e <br />d <br />R <br />ecs In <br />a <br />R <br />g <br />L <br />ry <br />E A <br />ACS <br />gener <br />I <br />Genn <br />ctralle <br />oIincurredbytAuthorityfrom otimetotune in carrying out its purposes and <br />WEERA tWHEREASthe Board of Directors of the Authority in its Resolution <br />o I coth cNo11providedforthecontinuation f the General Fund and established a procedure to be <br />withfoiledwith respect to additional contributions to the General Fund and <br />WHEREAS the Board of Directors of the Authority in its Resolution <br />No 19952 provided for a separate bank account the Joint Planning Account to hold and <br />disburse the additional contributions to the General Fund with respect to joint planning matters <br />and