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Voice Vote <br />RESOLUTION NO 2011077 <br />RESOLUTION RELATING TO THE SCPPA BIOGAS PROJECT <br />I AUTHORIZING THE NEGOTIATION EXECUTION AND <br />DELIVERY OF A BIOGAS SALES AGREEMENT AND RELATED <br />DOCUMENTS AND INSTRUMENTS BETWEEN SCPPA AND THE <br />THOSE PROSPECTIVE SCPPA MEMBERS DESIRING TO <br />PARTICIPATE IN THE SCPPA BIOGAS PROJECT II AUTHORIZING <br />SUCH OTHER DOCUMENTS INSTRUMENTS AND AGREEMENTS AS <br />MAY BE NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE TO DEVELOP AND <br />UTILIZE THE RESOURCES OF THE PROJECT AND AS SHALL BEST <br />CARRY FORTH THE INTERESTS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE <br />AUTHORITY AND THE PROJECT PARTICIPANTS III <br />AUTHORIZING CERTAIN RELATED ACTIONS AND IV <br />AUTHORIZING THE OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY TO DO ALL <br />OTHER THINGS DEEMED NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE <br />WHEREAS the Southern California Public Power Authority SCPPA or the Authority <br />was created pursuant to provisions contained in the joint exercise of powers act found in Chapter <br />5 of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code of California as amended from time to time <br />the Act by its members which are municipalities and an irrigation district that supply <br />among other things electrical energy in the State of California for the purpose of jointly and <br />cooperatively undertaking planning financing development acquisition construction <br />operation maintenance and repair of projects for the transmission and generation of electric <br />energy including the acquisition of fuel for generation and further including the generation of <br />electric energy through the utilization of Biogas and <br />WHEREAS Pursuant to the terms of the Act SCPPA has the power for the purpose of <br />promoting electric generation and transmission to plan develop purchase finance own <br />acquire design construct operate maintain and repair projects involving the acquisition <br />transportation production gathering and or delivery of Gas including Biogas and to cause such <br />projects to be planned developed purchased financed acquired designed constructed <br />operated maintained and repaired and to provide by agreement for the performance and <br />carrying out of such activities and <br />WHEREAS SCPPAs members are publicly owned California electric utilities which <br />provide electric energy to their citizens through their municipally owned electric systems and <br />have acted in part through SCPPAs Board of Directors to carry out generation transmission <br />and other projects through SCPPA Certain SCPPA members desire that SCPPA enter into <br />agreements and arrangements for the acquisition of Biogas and in turn through a Biogas Sales <br />Agreement provide a vehicle by which to fuel generation resources to provide energy to their <br />electric utility customers and