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RESOLUTION NO 2011067 <br />RESOLUTION RELATING TO THE PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION <br />OF ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT IN CONJUNCTION WITH BUT NOT <br />INCLUDED AS PART OF THE EXISTING AGREEMENTS AND <br />AUTHORIZING THE UPDATE OF THE MASTER SERVICES <br />AGREEMENT WITH ICE ENERGY <br />WHEREAS the Southern California Public Power Authority the Authority and <br />certain of its members have taken measures and created programs to facilitate the acquisition and <br />development of various renewable resources and among other things to shift energy <br />consumption from peak periods to off peak periods <br />WHEREAS actions taken in furtherance of shifting energy consumption to off peak <br />periods includes the prior processing of a definitive Agreement with Ice Energy California <br />Installations LLC the Seller <br />WHEREAS the existing Agreement does not include ancillary work required on the <br />equipment or adjacent equipment or additional services and members of the Authority wish to <br />perform such work in conjunction with the project intent <br />WHEREAS Ice Energy California is well equipped and uniquely qualified to perform <br />work on the equipment as part of the overall project <br />NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />California Public Power Authority as follows <br />1 Each of the President Vice President Secretary any Assistant Secretary the <br />Executive Director and any other officer of the Authority is hereby authorized to execute and <br />deliver any and all agreements leases licenses documents and instruments including site lease <br />agreements ground leases licenses or other similar documents and to do and cause to be done <br />any and all acts and things deemed necessary or advisable for carrying out the transactions <br />contemplated by this Resolution <br />2 Each reference in this Resolution to the President Vice President Secretary <br />Assistant Secretary or Executive Director shall refer to the person holding such office or <br />position as applicable at the time a given action is taken and shall not be limited to the person <br />holding such office or position at the time of the adoption of this Resolution All actions <br />heretofore taken by the officers employees and agents of the Authority in furtherance of the <br />transactions contemplated by this Resolution are hereby approved ratified and confirmed