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Anaheim Azusa Banning <br />Burbank Colton and Riverside <br />RESOLUTION NO 2011061 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF SOUTHERN CALIFO <br />PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY I AUTHORIZING THE PREPARATION OF L <br />DOCUMENTS NECESSARY OR APPROPRIATE TO SELL AND SUE <br />HYDROELECTRIC POWER PROJECT REVENUE BONDS PROCEEDS OF CH <br />WILL BE USED TO REFUND HYDROELECTRIC POWER PROJECT VENUE <br />BONDS 2001 REFUNDING SERIES A AND II AUTHORIZING O ICERS OF <br />THE AUTHORITY TO DO ALL THINGS DEEMED NECESSARY OR <br />APPROPRIATE <br />WHEREAS the Finance Committee of the Southern Califo a Public Power Authority theAuthorityatameetingheldonJuly112011hasdeterminedsubjecttotheconfirmationofcertainnetsavingstotheAuthoritythatitisinthebestinterestoftheAuthoritytoproceedwithpreparingalldocumentsnecessaryorappropriatetosellandissuefinedrateydroelectricPowerProjectRevenue <br />Bonds the Bonds proceeds of which will be used to re Hydroelectric Power Project Revenue <br />Bonds 2001 Refunding Series A and <br />WHEREAS once prepared drafts of the contracts roposed to be entered into by the Authority in <br />connection with such refunding transaction will be presed for the Boards consideration <br />NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED bythe Board of Directors of the Authority as follows <br />1 The Authoritys staff and the A horitys team of financing professionals including the <br />personnel at the Los Angeles Department of ater and Power who work on Authority matters the <br />Authoritys co bond counsel and the An ho s financial advisor are hereby authorized to prepare all <br />documents necessary or appropriate for the e and issuance ofthe Bonds <br />2 Each of the President Yice President Executive Director Secretary and any Assistant <br />Secretary of the Authority and any o r officer of the Authority is hereby authorized and directed to do <br />and cause to be done any and all acts d things necessary or appropriate for carrying out the transactions <br />contemplated by this Resolution <br />3 This ResolutionAhall become effective immediately <br />THE FOREGOING SOLUTION is approved and adopted by the Authority this 21st day of <br />July 2011 <br />PRESIDENT <br />Southern California Public <br />Power Authority <br />ATTEST <br />ASq4STANT SECRETARYSouthernCaliforniaPublic <br />Power Authority <br />504314561