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RESOLUTION NO. 2011-022 <br />Il31310 1011201! 1 <br />WHEREAS, the Southern California Public Power Authority the "Authority") and <br />certain of its members have taken measures and created programs to fac' itate the acquisition and <br />development of various renewable resources and, among othe things, to shift energy <br />consumption from peak periods to off peak periods; and <br />WHEREAS, one of the actions taken in furtherance of s 'fling energy consumption to off <br />peak periods has been to negotiate with Ice Energy Californi (Installation), LLC (the "Seller") <br />the purchase, installation and commissioning of Ice Be Units, which are units generally <br />comprised of an ice make condensing unit, an ice storage ank, an ice cooling circuit, associated <br />controls and sensors, and related installation equipment; d <br />WHEREAS, such purchase, installation an commissioning of the Ice Bear Units is <br />pursuant to the Ice Bear Unit Purchase and Sale A eement between the Seller and the Authority <br />(the "Purchase and Sale Agreement"), the form o which is on file with the Authority; and <br />WHEREAS, the Purchase and Sale greement provides that, with the approval of the <br />Authority and the Seller, the Agreement y be amended, supplemented or modified only by a <br />written instru vent duly executed by each arty; and <br />WHEREAS, the Parties wis to amend, supplement and modify the Agreement and <br />Appendices to reflect activity since e inception of the Agreement. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />California Public Power Auth 'ty as follows: <br />1. Each of the resident, Vice President and Executive Director is hereby authorized <br />to execute and deliver Purchase and Sale Agreement, in substantially the form on file with <br />the Authority, with s ch changes, insertions and omissions as shall be approved by said <br />President, Vice Pres' ent or Executive Director (such approval to be conclusively evidenced by <br />such execution an delivery thereof); and each of the Secretary and any Assistant Secretary is <br />hereby authorize to attest and affix the seal of the Authority thereto. <br />2. Each of the President, Vice President, Secretary, any Assistant Secretary, the <br />Executive rector and any other officer of the Authority is hereby authorized to do and cause to <br />be done y and all acts and things deemed necessary or advisable for carrying out the <br />transact' ns contemplated by this Resolution. Each reference in this Resolution to the President, <br />Vice resident, Secretary, Assistant Secretary or Executive Director shall refer to the person <br />hol ng such office or position, as applicable, at the time a given action is taken and shall not be <br />li ited to the person holding such office or position at the time of the adoption of this <br />85368531.2 <br />