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RESOLUTI®N NO. 2011-018 <br />WHEREA , the Southern California Public Power Authority (the "Authority" or <br />"SCPPA") and 96rtain of its members have investigated the acquisition and development of <br />certain wind geiYeration resources and facilities as part of the SCPPA Renewable Electric Energy <br />Resource Pro' ct created by the Board of Directors pursuant to SCPPA Resolution Number <br />2006-13, to ovide a long-term supply of renewable energy to such members for the purpose of <br />satisfying t e needs of such members and their governing bodies to meet desired specified <br />renewabl energy resource goals; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to these goals certain SCPPA members have been involved in the <br />investigation and the gaining of information relating to a Washington state wind generation <br />project and its related properties, permits, leases facilities, rights, entitlements, structures, and <br />administrative and operating agreements and the attendant rights, entitlements and assets <br />associated with this project, including shared facility structures and interconnection and <br />