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[Project Vote: Department of Water and Power of <br />The City of Los Angeles; City of Glendale] <br />WHEREAS, the Finance Committee of the Southern California Public Power Authority <br />(the "Authority") has detennined that it is in the best interest of the Authority (i) to proceed with <br />preparing all documents necessary or appropriate to sell and issue obligations (the "Bonds") the <br />proceeds of which will be used to prepay for energy produced by the Milford Wind Corridor <br />Phase II Project, which Project is located north of the town of Milford, Utah, and (ii) to appoint <br />the lead underwriter for the Bonds; and <br />WHEREAS, once prepared, drafts of the contracts proposed to be entered into by the <br />Authority in connection with the issuance of the Bonds will be presented for the Board's <br />consideration. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Authority as <br />follows: <br />1. The Authority's staff and the Authority's team of financing professionals <br />(including the personnel at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power who work on <br />Authority matters, the Authority's Co -Bond Counsel and the Authority's Financial Advisor) are <br />hereby authorized to prepare all documents necessary or appropriate for the sale and issuance of <br />the Bonds. <br />2. Barclays Capital Inc. is hereby appointed the lead underwriter of the Bonds, with <br />such appointment being subject to the negotiation of fees or other compensation acceptable to the <br />Finance Committee and such other conditions as determined by the Finance Committee. <br />3. Each of the President, Vice President, Executive Director, Secretary, any <br />Assistant Secretary, any other officer of the Authority, and any designee of the President, Vice <br />President or Executive Director, is hereby authorized and directed to do and cause to be done any <br />and all acts and things deemed necessary or appropriate for carrying out the transactions <br />contemplated by this Resolution. <br />