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RESOLUTION NO. 1987-2 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF SOUTHERN <br />CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY WITH RESPECT <br />TO REGISTRATION AND QUALIFICATION OF POWER <br />PROJECT REVENUE BONDS, 1987 REFUNDING SERIES A, <br />UNDER BLUE SKY LAWS OF VARIOUS STATES <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />California Public Power Authority as follows: <br />1. That the President, Vice President, Secretary and any <br />Assistant Secretary and any other officer of the Southern California <br />Public Power Authority (the llAuthorityll) be, and each of them hereby <br />is, authorized in the name and on behalf of the Authority, to take <br />any and all action which such person deems necessary or advisable in <br />order to effect the registration or qualification (or exemption <br />therefrom) of the Authorityls Power Project Revenue Bonds, 1987 <br />Refunding Series A, for issue, offer, sale or trade under the Blue <br />Sky or securities laws of any of the States of the United States of <br />America and in connection therewith to execute, acknowledge, verify, <br />deliver, file or cause to be published any applications, reports, <br />consents to service of process, appointments of attorneys to receive <br />service of process and other papers and instruments which may be <br />required under such laws, and to take any and all further action <br />which such person may deem necessary or advisable in order to main- <br />tain any such registration or qualification for as long as such <br />person deems necessary or as. required by law or by the Underwriters <br />for such securities; and any such action previously taken is hereby <br />ratified, confirmed and approved. <br />2. This resolution shall take effect immediately. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approved and adopted by the <br />Authority this 16th day of January, 1987. <br />Southern California Public <br />Power Authority <br />ATTEST : <br />southern California Public <br />Power Authority