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[Roll Call Vote] <br />RESOLUTION NO. 1987-1 <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING A NINTH SUPPLEMENTAL INDEN- <br />TURE OF TRUST AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF <br />$352,645,000 AGGREGATE PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF POWER <br />PROJECT REVENUE BONDS, 1987 REFUNDING SERIES A; <br />AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION AND DEIJVERY OF A FUR- <br />CHASE CONTRACT AND OFFICIAL STATE3ENT IN CONNEC- <br />TION THEREWITH; APPOINTING A PAYING AGENT; <br />AUTHORIZING CERTAIN RELATED ACTIONS; DIRECTING <br />THE REQUISITION OF CERTAIN MONEYS FROM THE CON- <br />STRUCTION FUND AND THE TRANSFER OF CERTAIN <br />MONEYS FROM THE NOTE FUND; AND AUTHORIZING THE <br />OFFICERS OF THE AUTHORITY TO DO AL;L OTHER THINGS <br />DEEMED NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern <br />California Public Power Authority as follows: <br />1. The Ninth Supplemental Indenture of Trust, dated <br />as of January 1, 1987, by and between Southern California <br />Public Power Authority (the "Authorityv) and First <br />Interstate Bank of California, as trustee (the llTrusteelt), <br />in the form presented to this meeting and hereby made a <br />part of this resolution as though set forth in full herein, <br />be and the same hereby is approved. The President or Vice <br />President and the Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the <br />Authority are hereby authorized and directed to execute and <br />deliver said Supplemental Indenture with such changes, <br />insertions and omissions as shall be approved by said <br />President or Vice President (such approval to be conclu- <br />sively evidenced by his execution and delivery thereof); <br />and said Secretary or Assistant Secretary is hereby autho- <br />rized and directed to affix the seal of the Authority <br />thereto. The issuance of Three Hundred Fifty-Two Million <br />Six Hundred Forty-Five Thousand Dollars ($3S2,645,OOO) <br />aggregate principal amount of Power Project Revenue Bonds, <br />1987 Refunding Series A (the IaBondsa1), of the Authority is <br />hereby authorized, subject to the provisions of this reso- <br />lution and the Indenture of Trust, dated as of July 1, <br />1981, between the Authority and the Trustee, as heretofore <br />supplemented and amended and as supplemented by said Ninth <br />Supplemental Indenture of Trust (collectively, the <br />"Indenturel1). The Bonds shall mature on July 1 in the <br />years and bear interest from January 1, 1987 (payable <br />semiannually on January 1 and July 1, commencing July 1, <br />1987) at the rates per annum as follows: