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AUTHORITY RESOLUTIONS FOR 1987 <br />Approving a Ninth Supplemental Indenture of Trust <br />and authorizing the issuance of $352,645,000 aggregate <br />principal amount of Power Project Revenue Bonds, 1987 <br />Refunding Series A; authorizing the execution and <br />delivery of a Purchase Contract and Official Statement <br />in connection therewith; appointing a paying agent; <br />authorizing certain related actions; directing the <br />requisition of certain moneys from the Construction <br />Fund and the transfer of certain moneys from the <br />Note Fund; and authorizing the officers of the Authority <br />to do all other things deemed necessary or advisable <br />With respect to registration and qualification of Power <br />Project Revenue Bonds, 1987 Refunding Series A, under <br />Blue Sky laws of various states <br />Approving Annual Budget for Palo Verde Project Power <br />Supply Year beginning July 1, 1987 <br />Approving Annual Budget for Southern Transmission Project <br />Transmission Service Year beginning July 1, 1987 <br />Approving Annual Budget for Hoover Uprating Project <br />First Power Supply Year for period June 1, 1987, <br />through September 30, 1987 <br />Regarding allocation of General Expenses <br />Regarding flow and use of moneys in the Operating Fund <br />and General Reserve Fund related to Palo Verde Project <br />Authorizing the transfer of amounts in the General Reserve <br />Fund related to the Southern Transmission Project <br />Approving Annual Budget for Hoover Uprating Project Power <br />Supply Year beginning October 1, 1987 <br />Approving Amendment No. 3 to Loan Agreement and approving <br />the exchange of Loan Notes as contemplated by such <br />Amendment <br />Approves the Power of Attorney, which authorizes John D. <br />Campbell and such of the partners of Appleby, Spurling <br />& Kempe designated by him, to act as agent of the <br />Authority as set forth in said Power of Attorney in <br />connection with Policy No. X87-064 between the Authority <br />and Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited and hereby <br />ratifies the action of the Secretary, Eldon A. Cotton <br />in executing said Power of Attorney, dated October 21, <br />1987