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Project Budgets[Icon]
Resolution_2019-001_CEAResult Extension[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-002_Electric and Gas Industries Association ‎(EGIA)‎ Extension[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-003_Lime Energy Services Extension[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-004_Gas and Energy Prepay Project[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-005_Participation Agreement with LADWP for Efficiency-Related Services and Products[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-006_Soda Mountain Solar, LLC[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-007_Professional Services Agreement with Meteologica S.A.[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-008_Master Professional Services Agreement with ASWB Engineering[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-009_Master Professional Services Agreement with Reichman-Karten-Sword[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-010_Master Professional Services Agreement with The Rahus Institute[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-011_Participation Agreement with LADWP for Customer Engagement Support Services[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-012_Goods and Services Agreement with Zeco Systems, Inc[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-013_Mammoth Casa Diablo IV Energy Project PPA - Colton[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-014_2019 Guiding Policy Principles for Legislative Activities[Icon] 4
Resolution_2019-016_Letter of Intent with General Electric International, Inc[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-017_Third Amendment to the Pebble Springs Long-Term Power Purchase Agreement[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-018_Moss Adams Engagement Letter[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-019_Working Group Participation Agreement with the City of Moreno Valley[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-020_MFP Connect First Amendment[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-021_ABB Goods and Services[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-022_Revised Investment Policy[Icon] 2
Resolution_2019-023_MPSA Optimized Energy[Icon] 3
Resolution_2019-024_Springbok 3 Solar Project[Icon] 1
Resolution_2019-025_MPSA Cohen Ventures[Icon] 3
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