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RESOLUTION NO. 2004-26 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE <br />SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY <br />AUTHORJZING THE EXECUTJVE DIRECTOR TO DO <br />A1,L OTHER THINGS DEEMED NECESSARY OR <br />PROPER FOR SCPPA TO JOIN THE AMERICAN <br />COUNCIL ON RENEWABLE ENERGY. <br />WHEREAS, the most SCPPA membcrs have adopted renewable portfolio standards in <br />support of adding renewable energy supplies to their power resourcc portfolios; and <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA has coordinatcd two renewable energy projects and continues to <br />cxplore opportunities for joint collaboration on rencwable energy projects; and <br />WHEREAS, the American Council on Renewable Energy is an association of that <br />supports all types of rcnewable energy rather than specific technologies that become diluted in <br />the national debate. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of the Southern California Public Power <br />Authority docs hereby resolve, determine and order: <br />1. The Executive Director is authorized and directed to join the American Council on <br />Renewable Energy for a one-year tcm~ in an amount not to exceed $1,500. <br />2. This amount will be charged as "Membership and Dues" under the general fund. <br />3. This Resolution shall becomc effective irnmcdiately. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approved and adopted by the Authority this 15th <br />day of July, 2004. <br />PRESIDENT <br />Southern California Public <br />Power Authority <br />ATTEST: <br />Southem California ~\blic <br />Power Authority