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Palo Verde Project Vote <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2007-62 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC <br />POWER AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) APPROVING THE <br />EXECUTION OF THE CONSENT TO ASSIGNMENT AND <br />MODIFICATION OF THE ANPP HASSAYAMPA <br />SWITCHYARD INTERCONNECTION AGREEMENT <br />(PALO VERDE) <br />WHEREAS, the Authority is an Owner in the Arizona Nuclear Power <br />Project (ANPP or Palo Verde) and has rights in the ANPP Switchyard; and <br />WHEREAS, the ANPP Switchyard Participants entered into an <br />interconnection agreement with Gila Bend Power Partners for interconnection at the <br />Hassayampa Switchyard (the ANPP Hassayampa Switchyard Interconnection <br />Agreement); <br />WHEREAS, the Gila Bend Power Partners desire to assign such <br />interconnection agreement to the Palo Verde to Pinal West Project Participants, <br />comprised of Electrical Districts No. 2, 3, and 4 of Pinal County, the Southwest <br />Transmission Cooperative, and Tucson Electric Power Company; <br />WHEREAS, such assignment requires the consent of the ANPP <br />Switchyard Participants; <br />WHEREAS, the interconnection agreement requires minor amendments to <br />reflect the change from a generator to a transmission entity; <br />WHEREAS, representatives of the Authority have been involved <br />throughout the process; <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Southern California <br />Public Power Authority as follows: <br />1. The Consent to Assignment and Modification of the ANPP Hassayampa Switchyard <br />Interconnection Agreement is hereby approved. <br />2. The form, terms and provisions of the Amended and Restated ANPP Hassayampa <br />Switchyard Interconnection Agreement, among Arizona Public Service Company, <br />the City of Los Angeles by and through the Department of Water and Power, EI <br />Paso Electric Company, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Salt River Project, <br />Southern California Public Power Authority, Southern California Edison Company, <br />and the Palo Verde to Pinal West Project Participants, in the form presented at this <br />