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RESOLUTION NO. 2007-1 I <br />RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC <br />POWER AUTHORITY AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTIVE <br />DIRECTOR TO EXECUTE AN AGREEMENT WITH THE <br />ALLIANCE FOR COOPERATIVE ENERGY SERVICES <br />POWER MARKETING LLC ("APM") <br />WHEREAS, the Southern California Public Power Authority (the Authority) <br />owns interests in various generation and transmission projects, the output of which has <br />been sold to Members of the Authority; and <br />WHEREAS, certain SCPPA members have an interest in retaining APM <br />as an agent to perform energy procurement, risk management, scheduling, and <br />settlement functions (iiServices"); and <br />WHEREAS, as a service to its members, SCPPA conducted a competitive <br />selection process to identify a common service provider capable of providing Services <br />to one or more SCPPA members ("Participating Members") to achieve greater <br />economies of scale with regard to procuring Services; and <br />WHEREAS, APM is well qualified and has been selected, pursuant to <br />SCPPA's competitive selection process, to provide Services as agent to Participating <br />Members; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Pasadena has expressed an interest in becoming <br />the first Participating Member to received Services from APM; and <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA's obligations under the proposed agreement between <br />APM and Participating Members shall be limited to a facilitation and coordination role <br />among Participating Members and APM, and SCPPA shall have no obligations or <br />liability with regard to the Services provided by APM to the Participating Members or <br />with regard to obligations of Participating Members to APM. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the <br />Authority as follows: <br />I. The Executive Director is authorized and directed to execute a contract with APM <br />and any Participating Member interested in receiving Services, provided, however, <br />that the Authority's role shall be limited to program facilitation and coordination <br />among APM and Participating Members and SCPPA shall have no obligation to <br />provide or pay for Services; and <br />2. This Resolution shall become effective immediately.