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Board Resolution_2017-051_Natural Gas Prepay Project Budget[Icon] 5
Board Resolution_2017-052_Additional Contribution to the Revolving General Fund[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-053_Ascend Analytics, LLC[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-054_Astoria 2 Solar Project Amendment[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-055_Amending Bylaws for Appointment of General Counsel[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-056_Chargepoint, Inc[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-057_Designating Authorized Authority Representatives[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-058_Holland & Hart, LLP Extension[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-059_Oracle America, Inc[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-060_PA Consulting Group, Inc[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-061_Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP Extension[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-062_Additional Contribution to the Revolving General Fund[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-063_Ferguson Group, LLC[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-064_Administrative General Expense Budget & Salary Schedule[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2017-065_Boulder Canyon Project Committee Meetings[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2017-066_General Electric International, Inc[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-067_Automated Energy, Inc[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-068_CMUA-NCPA Energy Efficiency Program Development[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2017-069_Michael Bell Management Consulting, Inc Extension[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-070_Munifed Partner Energy, Inc[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-071_Salary Schedule Revision and Correction[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2017-072_Magnolia Power Project Bond Amendment[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2017-073_San Juan Project Termination[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2017-074_Chargepoint, Inc Amendment[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2017-075_Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP Extension[Icon] 2
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