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Board Resolution_2018-076_2018 Guiding Policy Principles For Legislative Activities[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-077_Antelope Big Sky Ranch Solar Project Scheduling Coordinator Amendment[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-078_Columbia Two Solar Project Scheduling Coordinator Amendment[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-079_Summer Solar Project Scheduling Coordinator Amendment[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-080_Amendment to SCPPA By-Laws[Icon] 8
Board Resolution_2018-081_ANPP Hassayampa Switchyard Interconnection Agreement[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-082_2018 STS Refunding Bonds[Icon] 10
Board Resolution_2018-083_2018 STS Refunding Bonds Continuing Disclosure[Icon] 9
Board Resolution_2018-084_Agreement with Meteologica[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2018-085_Salary Schedule[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-086_Employee Benefits[Icon] 10
Board Resolution_2018-087_Anaheim Energy Efficiency Improvement Program[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-088_Los Angeles Energy Efficiency Improvement Program[Icon] 4
Board Resolution_2018-089_Western Energy Institute ‎(WEI)‎ Annual Dues[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-090_Fiscal Agency Agreement with LADWP[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-091_Participation Agreement with LADWP[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-092_Goods and Services Agreement with Pandora Consulting[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-093_Mammoth Casa Diablo IV Energy Project[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-094_Suspension of Interest Rate Swap Agreement - Barclays Bank PLC[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-095_Suspension of Interest Rate Swap Agreement - Royal Bank of Canada[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-096_PFM Financial Advisors Extension[Icon] 2
Board Resolution_2018-097_Goods & Services Agreement with AESC[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-098_Goods & Services Agreement with DNV GL[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-099_Master Professional Services Agreement with Alliance for Sustainable Energy[Icon] 3
Board Resolution_2018-100_Participation Agreement with LADWP[Icon] 3
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