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1 Medical Insurance <br />SCPPA pays the entire medical insurance premium for employees only. SCPPA participates in <br />the State of California Public Employees' Retirement System's (PERS) Health Benefits Program <br />as a public agency under the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act. <br />Under the PERS Health Bendts Program, employees may select the eligible health plan of their <br />choice from HMO, PPO, and traditional insurance plans. S.8PA.veitt pay up to f he &mum <br />me pat7;Y pb pm&m E9lphyees may choose a PFO or HMO plan with a latver premium <br />and apply tho diEormw taward dependent medical inwranoe: wverage. <br />ARer initial plan selection, employees may only change their selection during apa smhent <br />as allowed by PERS. <br />2. Dental Coverage <br />SCPPA reimburses employees for 100% of charges for preventative dental services such as <br />routine oral examination and cleaning of teeth and X-rays twice per twelve consecutive months. <br />For other basic dental services such as Wngs, extractions, repairs (to partial or full dentures and <br />bridges made more than one year aRer insertion), SCPPA will reimburse at the rate of 80% &kr <br />a $50.00 deductible. <br />For major dental services such as crowns and inlays, endodontics (root canal therapy), <br />periodontics (gum treatment), full or partial dentures, SCPPA will reimburse at the rate of 50% <br />&gr the $50.00 deductible. <br />The maximum dental services reimbursement benefit per calendar year covered by SCPPA will <br />be $1,000.00. <br />3. Life Insurance <br />SCPPA pays the premium on term life insurance policy for death benefits equal to two and one- <br />half times the executive's annual salary. <br />4. Disability Insurance <br />SCPPA pays the premium on a disability insurance policy to pay 60% of monthly salary (or the <br />maximum coverage available, whichever is less), less income fiom social security, state disability, <br />workers' compensation, or government retirement systems. There is a 30-day elimination period