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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY <br />EXECUTIVE BENEFITS <br />The SCPPA executive staff currently consists of the Executive Director. Executive employees are <br />eligible for the following benefits. <br />A. PAID TIME OFF <br />1. Sick Leave <br />Eight hours per month with a maximum accumulation of 288 hours, and no cash-in over 288 <br />hours. <br />Employees who have exhausted sick leave benefits must apply for additional leaves of absence <br />without pay. - <br />2. Vacation <br />For one through five years of service, 120 hours per year of paid vacation are allowed. After five <br />years of service, eight hours of paid vacation is added each year, up to a maximum of 160 hours <br />per year as shown below. A maximum of two years' vacation hours may be accumulated. <br />Service Year: 1-5 - 6 - 7 8l0 <br />Vacation Hours: 120 128 136 144 152 160 <br />3. Holidays <br />There are a total of twelve paid (eight-hour) holidays. As listed below, eleven predetermined <br />(eight-hour) holidays have been established. Each year, one additional (eight-hour) holiday will <br />be set by the Executive Director. Holidays which fall on a Saturday will be celebrated on Friday, <br />those which fall on a Sunday will be celebrated on Monday. <br />New Year's Day <br />Martin Luther King's Birthday <br />President's Day <br />Memorial Day <br />Independence Day <br />Labor Day <br />Columbus Day <br />Veteran's Day <br />Thanksgiving <br />Day ARer Thanksgiving <br />Christmas Day <br />B. INSURANCE <br />January 1 <br />3rd Monday in January <br />3rd Monday in February <br />Last Monday in May <br />July 4 <br />1 st Monday in September <br />2nd Monday in October <br />November 1 1 <br />4th Thursday in November <br />Friday after 4th Thursday in November <br />December 25 <br />A- 1 DRAFT of June 7,1995