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BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors as follows: <br />1. The Board of Directors hereby provides for an <br />additional contribution to the General Fund. Such <br />additional contribution, <br />(a) shall be solely for the purpose of paying <br />costs and expenses incurred by the <br />Authority from time to time with respect <br />to advocacy matters; and pending <br />application for such purpose the <br />contribution shall not be expended to pay <br />costs or expenses properly allocable to <br />one or more projects as provided in <br />Section 3 of ~esolution No, 1992-1; <br />shall be in the aggregate amount of $65,000, <br />with the portion thereof to be contributed by <br />each Member to be the amount set forth with <br />respect to it on ~xhibit A to this ~esolution; <br />and <br />shall be billed and collected by adding to the <br />Authority's June 1995 Hoover Uprating project <br />billing to Anaheim and the Authority's June <br />1995 Palo Verde Project billing to each other <br />Member, the amount set forth with respect to <br />each of them in Exhibit A to this Resolution, <br />with such amount designated as "Resolution No. <br />1995-8 Charge". <br />Although the amounts contributed under this <br />Resolution and related income shall constitute part <br />of the General Fund, they shall be held and <br />accounted for in a separate bank account (the <br />"Advocacy Accounttt) . The Executive Director of the <br />Authority is hereby directed to establish the <br />Advocacy Account with a bank located in the State <br />of California for the purpose of holding <br />contributions and related income, and making <br />disbursements, under this Resolution. The <br />President, Vice President, Secretary, any ~ssistant <br />Secretary and the Executive Director of the <br />Authority are hereby authorized to execute checks <br />drawn on the Advocacy Account from time to time. <br />3. Any funds remaining in the 1992-2 Account shall be <br />transferred promptly to the Advocacy Account, and <br />the 1992-2 Account shall be closed within ninety <br />days after the Advocacy Account has been opened.