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2. Although the amounts contributed under this Resolution and related income shall constitute <br />part of the General Fund, they shall be held and accounted for in a separate subaccount <br />within the existing Restructuring Account. The Executive Director of the Authority is hereby <br />directed to establish a subaccount (the APPA Subaccount) within the Restructuring Account <br />for the purpose of holding contributions and related income, and making disbursements, <br />under this Resolution. The President, Vice President, Secretary, any Assistant Secretary <br />and the Executive Director of the Authority are each authorized to execute checks drawn on <br />the Restructuring Account from time to time. <br />3. Amounts contributed to and held in the General Fund and the APPA Subaccount pursuant <br />to this Resolution will not be contributed or held for the purposes of any project for which the <br />Authority has obtained any form of external financing. Such amounts shall not constitute (a) <br />Revenues, or (b) revenues, income, rents or receipts derived by the Authority from or <br />attributable to Authority Capacity (or to the payment of the costs thereof) or the ownership or <br />operation of any Project. As used herein, "Revenues", "Authority Capacity" and "Project" <br />shall have the respective meanings set forth in the indentures of trust and other instruments <br />governing the external financing arrangements entered into from time to time by the <br />Authority. <br />4. The President, Vice President, Secretary, any Assistant Secretary, Executive Director and <br />any other officer of the Authority are each hereby authorized to execute and deliver any and <br />all documents and instruments and to do and cause to be done any and all acts and things <br />necessary or proper for carrying out the transactions contemplated by this Resolution. <br />5. This Resolution shall become effective immediately. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approved and adopted by the Authority, this <br />19th day of August, 2004. <br />PRESIDENT <br />r <br />Southern California <br />Public Power Authority <br />Southern California <br />Public Power Authority