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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POWER AUTHORITY <br />SAN JUAN UNIT 3 PROJECT <br />COMPARISON OF BUDGET - FISCAL 2003-2004 TO 2004-2005 <br />Net Debt Service <br />Minimum Fuel Cost <br />Operation and Maintenance <br />Capital Improvements <br />Property Taxes <br />Authority A&G <br />Variable Fuel Cost <br />TOTAL <br />Interest Earnings <br />Variance <br />$ - Yo <br />$ (48) -0.27% <br />$ 2,232 7.93% <br />$ (84) -0.83% <br />$ 2,700 158.45% <br />$ (68) -8.50% <br />$ SO 17.24% <br />$ 552 41.07% <br />$ 5,344 8.88% <br />EXPLANATION OF VARIANCES <br />1 Debt Service flat for next few years. <br />2 Reflects increased startup costs for underground mine. Future years trend down. <br />New interim invoicing agreement, with higher minimurn and lower incremental rates. <br />Increased production (planned outage in 03-04) <br />Operation and Maintenance flat. <br />Capital Improvements reflects additional $3 million to build up reserves for major <br />work planned for 2008. <br />Property Taxes based on actual bills. <br />Authority A&G reflects increased Agent Billable overheads. <br />Variable Fuel Cost reflects increased kWhs (no plantled outage).