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"Dissemination Agent" shall mean any person or entity appointed by SCPPA and which has <br />entered into a written agreement with SCPPA pursuant to which such person or entity agrees to perform <br />the duties and obligations of Dissemination Agent under this Disclosure Resolution. <br />"Final Official Statement" shall mean the Official Statement of SCPPA relating to the Bonds, as <br />amended, supplemented or updated. <br />"Listed Events" shall mean any of the events listed in Section 5(a) of this Disclosure Resolution. <br />"MSRB" shall mean the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board established in accordance with <br />the provisions of Section 15B(b)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. <br />"National Repository" shall mean any nationally recognized municipal securities information <br />repository within the meaning of the Rule. The National Repositories approved by the SEC as of the date <br />of adoption of this Disclosure Resolution are set forth in the SEC's website: <br /> <br />"Participating Underwriter" shall mean any of the original underwriters of the Bonds (or the <br />underwriter, if there is only one original underwriter) required to comply with the Rule in connection with <br />the offering of the Bonds. <br />"Repository" shall mean each National Repository and each State Repository. <br />"Rule" shall mean Rule 15c2-12 adopted by the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, <br />as amended from time to time, together with all interpretive guidances or other official interpretations or <br />explanations thereof that are promulgated by the SEC. <br />"SEC" shall mean the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. <br />"State Repository" shall mean any public or private repository or entity designated by the State of <br />California as a state repository for the purpose of the Rule and recognized as such by the SEC. <br />2. Purpose of this Disclosure Resolution; Obligated Persons: Disclosure Resolution to <br />Constitute a Contract. <br />(a) This Disclosure Resolution is adopted by SCPPA for the benefit of the Owners <br />and Beneficial Owners of the Bonds and in order to assist the Participating Underwriter in complying <br />with the Rule. <br />(b) SCPPA and the City of Anaheim, California ("Anaheim") each is hereby <br />determined by SCPPA to be "obligated persons" within the meaning of the Rule (and are the only <br />"obligated persons" within the meaning of the Rule for whom financial information or operating data is <br />presented in the Final Official Statement); provided that each such person shall only be an "obligated <br />person" if and so long as such person is an "obligated person" within the meaning of the Rule. <br />(c) In consideration of the purchase and acceptance of any and all of the Bonds by <br />those who shall hold the same or shall own beneficial ownership interests therein from time to time, this <br />Disclosure Resolution shall be deemed to be and shall constitute a contract between SCPPA and the <br />Owners and Beneficial Owners from time to time of the Bonds, and the covenants and agreements herein <br />set forth to be performed on behalf of SCPPA shall be for the benefit of the Owners and Beneficial <br />Owners of any and all of the Bonds. <br />