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2. Citigro~ip Global Markets lnc. is hereby appointed the underwriter of thc Bonds, <br />with such appointment being subject to the negotiation of fees or other compensation acceptable <br />lo the Fillance Committee of the Authority. <br />3. Citigroup Financial Products Inc. and Bear Stearns Financial Products, Inc. are <br />hcrcby appointed as countcrparties to the interest rate swaps to be executed and delivered in <br />connection with the issua~~cc of the Bonds, with such appointment being subject to the <br />~~cgotiation ol'lkes or othcr compensation acceptable to the Finance Committee of the Authority. <br />4. Each oS the President, Vice President, Executive Director, Secretary and any <br />Assistant Sccrctary of the Authority, and any other officer of the Authority, is hereby authorizcd <br />and clirected to do and causc to be done any and all acts and things necessary or appropriate for <br />carrying out the tra~isactio~zs contemplated by this Resolution. <br />5. This Resolution shall become effectivc immediately. <br />THE FOREGOING RESOLUTION is approvcd and adopted by the Authority this 15th <br />day of February, 2007 <br />Southern California ~Xlic <br />Power Authority <br />Power Authority