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WHEREAS, the SCPPA Pebble Springs Wind Project currently is anticipated to entail a <br />98.7 MW wind project to be located in Gilliam County, Utah, with power to be delivered to <br />SCPPA at the Project substation by approximately December 31, 2008; and <br />WHEREAS, SCPPA and the Project Participants anticipate that the Power Sales Agreements <br />will pass on all rights, benefits, obligations and liabilities of SCPPA under the Project to the <br />participants on a pro -rata basis and all typical SCPPA administrative costs are also anticipated to <br />be charged to the Project Participants; and <br />WHEREAS, the Project exists entirely in the State of Oregon and SCPPA is in receipt of a <br />corporate secretary certificate from PPM Energy, the Project developer, stating that Pebble <br />Springs has been approved for completion independent of the Power Purchase Agreement with <br />SCPPA, and therefore the Pebble Springs Wind Project is exempt from CEQA; and <br />WHEREAS, the Project Participants in this Project Element of the SCPPA Renewable <br />Electric Energy Resources Project have expressed the desire to carry forth the negotiations for <br />and eventual consummation of the transactions associated with the Pebble Springs Wind Project, <br />set forth herein; and <br />WHEREAS, the Authority desires to carry forth those measures necessary to proceed <br />with the negotiations for and acquisition of the renewable resource transactions contemplated by <br />the Pebble Springs Wind Project; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY the Board of Directors of the Souther <br />California Public Power Authority as follows: <br />1. The Board of Directors hereby delegates to the Executive Director of the <br />Authority, all right, power and authority to negotiate those terns and conditions with respect to <br />the proposed Power Purchase Agreement, the Power Sales Agreements, the Agency Agreement <br />and all other agreements necessary to effectuate the transactions contemplated as part of the <br />Pebble Springs Wind Project, as in the best judgment of the Executive Director shall best carry <br />forth the respective interests of SCPPA and the respective Project Participants. <br />2. The Executive Director is hereby delegated the authority and is authorized and <br />empowered to carry out those actions necessary to negotiate, consummate execute and deliver a <br />Power Purchase Agreement, an Agency Agreement and such Power Sales Agreements, as may <br />be deemed appropriate to carry forth the transactions and goals of the Pebble Springs Wind <br />Project. <br />3. Upon the consummation of negotiation by the Executive Director of the final <br />form of the Power Purchase Agreement, the Agency Agreement and the Power Sales <br />Agreements and of those supplemental and other agreements necessary to effectuate the <br />transactions contemplated to be necessary or advisable as part of the Pebble Springs Wind <br />Project, each of the President and Vice President of the Authority is hereby authorized and <br />directed to execute and deliver such Power Purchase Agreement, Agency Agreement and Power <br />Sales Agreements and such other agreements as may be deemed necessary or advisable to <br />effectuate the goals of the Project, with such changes, modifications, insertions and omissions as <br />shall be approved by said President or Vice President following the final negotiation of the same <br />