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B. Working Group Update <br />5. PROJECT AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: MANAGERS' REPORTS <br />The Managers of Project and Program Development will report on current activities, including <br />renewable energy project development, resource planning issues, Public Benefits, <br />Electrification, and smart grid. <br />A. Clean Power Alliance Presentation <br />B. RKS Telephone Briefing on Commercial Customer Survey and Outreach <br />Opportunities <br />6. GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br />The Director of Government Affairs will report on regional, state, and/or federal legislative and <br />regulatory activities affecting Southern California public power utilities, including climate <br />change and air quality, wildfires, renewable energy and traditional energy resources, <br />transportation and building electrification, alternative energy supplies, resource planning, <br />market and utility operations, and joint powers agreements. <br />A. Legislative Updateo For January 2019 <br />B. Government Affairs Reporto ForJanuary2019 <br />C. State Legislative Update: State Bill Priorities <br />D. CEC RPS Rules <br />7. ASSET MANAGEMENT AND SPECIAL PROJECTS: DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br />The Director of Asset Management and Special Projects will report on project-related staff and <br />agent activities. <br />A. MPP Operations Reporto For November 2019 <br />B. Palo Verde Status Reporto For December2019 <br />G. Project Performance Metrics for Calendar Year 20'19 <br />8. FINANCE <br />The Chief Financial and Administrative Officer will report on current activities. <br />A. Resolution 2020-002: ISDAA 2018 U.S. Resolution Stay Protocol Adherence <br />9. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION <br />Opportunity for Board Members to bring up informational items or request that an item be added <br />to a future Board Agenda. <br />lO.CLOSED SESSION <br />A. Security: Consultation with Michael S. Webster, Executive Director, and Richard J. Morillo, <br />General Counsel regarding security issues pertaining to essential public services (water and <br />electric service), pursuant to Section 54957 (a) of the California Government Code. <br />B. Pending Litigation: Conference with legal counsel regarding existing litigation related to the <br />Natural Gas Reserves Project entitled Southern California Public Power Authority, et. al., v. <br />Ultra Resources, lnc., and Related Cross-Actions, CaseNo. 4:19-cv-00090 (Ml) (United <br />States District Court, S.D. Tx), pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 54956.9(a) of the <br />Californ ia Government Code. <br />BOARD AGENDA COVER <br />Page 2 olJ <br />v 4/ll/2019