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A. Finance Committee Meeting Minuteso For April 1,2019 <br />B. Resolution 2019-037: Modifications to the Employee Benefits Policy <br />4. FINANCE <br />The lnterim CFO/CAO will report on current activities <br />A. Resolution 2019-038: Administrative and General Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20. <br />B. Resolution 2019-080: Allocation of initial costs among participants in proposed Gas and <br />Energy Prepay Project. <br />G. Resolution 2019-081: Adjustments to the Classification and Salary Schedule. <br />D. Resolution 2019-082: Legal Services Agreement with the law firm of Orrick, Herrington & <br />Sutcliffe LLP for special tax counsel services. <br />5. ASSET MANAGEMENT AND SPECIAL PROJECTS: DIRECTOR,S REPORT <br />The Director of Asset Management and Special Projects will report on project-related staff and <br />agent activities. <br />A. Resolutions 2019-040-2019-079: Project Budgets <br />B. Resolution 2019-083: Amendment No.3 to the Parts and Special Services Agreement and <br />Extra Work Agreement with General Electric lnternational, lnc., for the Magnolia Power <br />Project. <br />C. Project Reportso MPP Operations Report 04-2019o Palo Verde Status Report 05-2019 <br />6.PROJECT AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: MANAGERS' REPORTS <br />The Managers of Project and Program Development will report on current activities, including <br />renewable energy project development, resource planning issues, Public Benefits, <br />Electrification, and smart grid. <br />A. Resolution 2019-084: Eland Solar & Storage Center, Phase 1 Project and associated Power <br />Purchase Agreement with 68SF 8me LLC, separate Power Sales Agreements one with each <br />of the City of Los Angeles and the City of Glendale and an Agency Agreement with the City <br />of Los Angeles. <br />B. Resolution 2019-085: Eland Solar & Storage Center, Phase 2 Project (the "Project") and <br />associated Power Purchase Agreement with 69SV 8me LLC, Power Sales Agreement with <br />the City of Los Angeles and an Agency Agreement with the City of Los Angeles. <br />C. Resolution 2019-086: Service Agreement with Alliance for Cooperative Energy Services <br />Power Marketing LLC to provide Scheduling and Trading, Settlements, and Credit Services <br />to SCPPA Member Agencies. <br />7. GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br />The Director of Government Affairs will report on regional, state, and/or federal legislative and <br />regulatory activities affecting Southern California public power utilities, including climate change <br />and air quality, wildfires, renewable energy and traditional energy resources, transportation and <br />building electrification, alternative energy supplies, resource planning, market and utility <br />operations, and joint powers agreements. <br />BOARD AGENDA COVFR <br />Page 2 ofJ <br />v. 4/lll20l9