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4. Investment Reports <br />The Committee will review the Monthly Investment Report for the month ended March 31, 2019 and the <br />Quarterly Investment Report for the quarter ending March 31, 2019. The Committee will recommend <br />forwarding the Reports to the Board for receipt and filing, <br />5. San Juan Project Decommissioning Cost Study <br />The Committee will receive a status update on the San Juan decommissioning study. <br />6. Natural Gas/Energy Prepay <br />The Committee will receive a status update on the Natural Gas/Energy Prepay transaction. <br />7. Investment Banker RFP <br />The Committee will be updated on the status of the investment banker RFP. <br />8, Wildfire Legislation Update <br />The Committee will be updated on wildfire legislation by the Sacramento office. <br />9. Market and VRDO Update <br />The Committee will receive a market and VRDO status report from PFM. <br />10. Unsolicited Proposals <br />The Committee will review unsolicited proposals that have been received from investment bankers. <br />The Committee may take action with respect to such proposals. <br />11. Future Agenda Topics <br />The Committee members will be given the opportunity to suggest topics for future Committee meetings. <br />The Authority upon request will provide reasonable accommodation to the disabled to ensure equal access <br />to its meetings. To ensure availability, such request should be made 48 hours in advance by contacting the <br />Authority at (626) 793-9364 during business hours, <br />Dated: May 2, 2019 <br />Mario I acio <br />Finance Committee Chair <br />Los Angeles Department of Water and Power <br />