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C, Monthly lnvestment Report <br />For December 2018 <br />D. Resolution 2019.011 <br />Approval of a Participation Agreement with LADWP for Customer Engagement Support Services <br />E. Resolution 2019.018 <br />Moss Adams LLP Engagement Lette/ Professional Services Agreement <br />3. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br />The Executive Director will report on activities since the last Board Meeting <br />Strategic Objectives <br />A. Resolution 2019-019 <br />Working Group Participation Agreement between SCPPA and the City of Moreno Valley <br />B. Minutes of the Finance Committee <br />For January 7,2019 <br />4. DIRECTOR OF RESOURCE AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT'S REPORTS <br />The Managers of Resource and Program Development will report on current activities, including renewable energy <br />project development, resource planning issues, Public Benefits, and smart grid. Topics include: <br />Zeco Systems <br />CARB Clean Fuel Rewards Governance <br />Mammoth Casa Diablo lV <br />A, Resolution 2019-012 <br />Approval of a Goods and Services Agreement with Zeco Systems, lnc. (dba Greenlots) <br />B. Resolution 2019-013 <br />Mammoth Casa Diablo lV Energy Project to provide in total approximately 16 MWs of long-term <br />geothermal supply of renewable electrical energy through the Southern California Public Power <br />Authority ("SCPPA" or "the Authority") to one of its participating Members, the City of Colton <br />("Colton") for all 16 MWs, for the purpose of satisfying the utility's renewable electrical energy <br />resource goals. <br />D IRECTOR OF ET MANAGEMENT AND SPECIAL PROJECTS' REPORTS <br />The Director of Pro¡ect Administration will report on project-related staff and agent activities, Topics include <br />Magnolia Power Pro¡ect - Letter of lntent with GE Power Services <br />Pebble Springs - Amendment <br />5.