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4.2018-2019 Budget Progress Report <br />The Committee will receive a progress report on the status of the 2018-2019 budget through sixmonths actual performance. <br />5.2018-2019 Audit Agreement <br />·The Committee will consider the Engagement Letter with Moss Adams for the 2018-2019 fiscal yearaudit, and may recommend approval to the SCPPA Board of Directors. <br />6.2019-2020 Audit RFP <br />The Committee will review and comment on the Draft RFP for Audit Services for fiscal 2019-2020. <br />7.STS Insurance Settlements <br />The Committee will discuss the status of insurance settlements related to transformer repairs at the <br />Southern Transmission Project. <br />8.Rates Workshop <br />The Committee will discuss planning and preparation for a rates workshop to be held in the future. <br />9.Market and VRDO Update <br />The Committee will receive a market and VRDO status report from PFM. <br />10.Unsolicited Proposals <br />The Committee will review unsolicited proposals that have been received from investment bankers.The Committee may take action with respect to such proposals. <br />11.Future Agenda Topics <br />The Committee members will be given the opportunity to suggest topics for future Committee meetings. <br />12.Natural Gas/Energy Prepay <br />·The Committee will have a planning and deal structuring discussion with Goldman Sachs on a possibleNatural Gas/Energy Prepay transaction.